Fireweed Community Woodshop 


Sharpening Basics (all gender/no gender)

  • 29 July 2024
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • 14 27th Ave SE, Minneapolis MN 55414
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  • These seats are reserved for BIPOC students wishing to pay for registration based on Fireweed's micro-reparations pricing strategy.

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Learn how to keep your tools sharp! 

Tool sharpening is an important part of any woodcraft practice. A sharp tool is a safe tool and makes for cuts that are easier on our bodies and can produce a finish-ready surface. In this class we will provide a foundation of what sharp is and how sharpening works via the three stages of grinding, honing and polishing. Several types of sharpening media will be discussed and students will leave with their own consumable (abrasive paper) sharpening kits. Instructors Jeanette and Andrew will demonstrate a few different sharpening techniques and students will have plenty of time to practice sharpening their own tools. At the end of class students will have the knowledge to continue their own tool maintenance.

Students are required to bring two tools to sharpen: one sloyd or similar straight carving knife and one of the following: hook (spoon) knife, gouge, chisel, plane blade, spokeshave blade, drawknife or carving axe. Students may bring in a couple extra tools, just know that there might not be time to attend to more than 2 tools. No saws, serrated blades, scrapers, scissors or lathe tools please!

The materials fee for this class is $15 and is included in the admission cost. 

*** We do require masking indoors, whatever your vaccination status***


This class is taught by Jeanette Torkelson and  Andrew Austin-Petersen.

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