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Fireweed Community Woodshop is a non-profit educational organization whose key mission is to empower women and marginalized genders through the art of woodcraft.

Fireweed Community Woodshop’s goal is to introduce people to tools and techniques through classes, while providing equipment, workspace, and community to help them flourish within the craft. We also aim to redefine what a woodworker looks like.

Fireweed Community Woodshop provides a space where folks can learn at their own pace with supportive staff. We all have different learning styles and entry points into craft. Some students need time to understand the process without help. Others want guidance through each step.

Fireweed Community Woodshop instructors are sensitive to the needs of each student and want to know your learning style so that we can support you accordingly. We strive to create a space where beginners feel free to ask questions and share their personal experience. Vulnerability is an asset to learning.


At Fireweed Community Woodshop we place women and  marginalized genders at the center of leadership and instruction in the art of woodcraft. We create new models for learning woodworking outside of academia and traditional learning modalities.

We have a pedagogy of nurture, experimentation, vulnerability, and trust. We offer financial aid for students in order to help lower some of the financial barriers to accessing courses.  We also offer a variety of co-ed classes because men have different learning styles too! At Fireweed Community Woodshop there are no expectations of experience based on gender.

We wouldn’t be here without our staff and board members.

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 News about board recruitment & hiring can be found on our blog here!

Fireweed Community Woodshop

14 SE 27th Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55414

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